Essential Hypertension – it’s just a name


Scientist postulated many years ago that: you need hypertension to maintain cerebral perfusion – especially in the case of atherosclerotic disease. The thinking was that, it was essential to maintain cerebral perfusion… because, if you decrease blood pressure you would damage the brain and the heart because of decreased perfusion due to atherosclerotic disease… therefore, elevated blood pressure was presumed to be “essential” to maintain perfusion…

essential, essential… essential hypertension.

Did you ever wonder why they call it “essential hypertension”? because ~ 40 years ago scientists believed that patients had atherosclerotic disease in your brain and your heart and that hypertension was a normal response to it. Therefore, in order to maintain cerebral and cardiac perfusion – Hypertension was “essential” in obtaining perfusion.

We now know that is false, but the name “essential hypertension” has remained.

Why is it essential? it’s not essential it’s just a name.

examples: why is it called “Rocky mountain spotted fever” when the smallest amount of Rocky mountain spotted fever found in the Rocky mountains? ¬†because, it’s just a name.

Why does a lupus ANTICOAGULANT make me clot? because, it’s just a name.

Why does disseminated Intravascular COAGULATION make me bleed? because, it’s just a name.


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