A Mothers earthly love versus the Fathers Heavenly Love

Mother dares anyone to criticize her for wishing she had aborted her son who has Down syndrome; “if I could go back in time, I would abort him in an instant”

A mother who dares anyone to criticize her for wishing she had aborted her son who was born with Down syndrome; “IF I could go back in time, I would abort him in an instant.”

Her argument is very simple…
“Because, while I do love my son, and am fiercely protective of him, I know my life would have been happier and far less complicated if he had never been born. I do wish I’d had an abortion. I wish it every day.

Many people would applaud this woman for her “bravery and honesty” while others may feel disgusted and disagree with her views… nevertheless wether we disagree or not — we should acknowledge the fact that many people today consider the word commitment as a curse word.

This is because we as a society agree with the worldly definition of words like commitment, love, sacrifice… To put it bluntly we as a society hate commitments, no one wants to be totally committed to anything or anyone because it demands too much of us. Look at today’s relationship between man and women — one night stands, instant gratification, divorce etc.., look at governments, companies and the way they run business… look at society as a whole. There is little to no commitment — it’s all about give me now no strings attached kind of relationships — and in this turmoil of self gratification, while the word love (in the true sense) is being lost and redefined as something we drink, today love is conditional something we earn on the basis of conscious or unconscious conditions being met by the lover, whereas in unconditional true love, love is “given freely” to the loved one “no matter what”.


Even when we look at ourselves (let’s be honest here), commitment is sometimes something for someone else to do because it interferes with our schedules.

  • Webster’s dictionary defines Commitment as: to pledge to some particular course or use.
    In the Bible however, commitment to God is more than a definition, it requires: my life, my soul, my very being inside of me! Not twice a week, or even once a week, but all the time!

When I look at the cross I see just how committed Jesus was to His people and to His mission… even though His mission was inconvenient, even though it was troublesome, tiresome, burdensome, full of awkward moments, disappointments, betrayals, arguments etc… He continued, He persevered… why? Because of His great love for us.

Many people these are not committed to anything other than their own self and there own desires. The things of God (true love, peace, acceptance, morals etc…) are hardly if ever talked about in a sincere thought out manner even between Christians because we live a life of what is CONVENIENT in God. A clear example of this lifestyle is this: “I go to church on Sunday morning, isn’t that enough?”

Webster’s dictionary defines the word convenient as: suited to one’s comfort or ease.

Are we living a life for Jesus that is suited to our comfort? Do we want to be committed as long at it is easy? What if Jesus decided not to die for our sins … where would we spend eternity today?


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