What is our true identity? How do we find our true purpose?

The most important thing is to be victorious over the fight against yourself. If you lose the fight against yourself you won’t be able to truly move forward… So forget about (comparing, competing) with everyone else…


When I was younger, I had no idea who I was and really had no interest in discovering who I was… I was too obsessed with material things, high school, dating, movies etc… but when I went to college I began having conflicts with these issues.

I remember reading many books that suggest ways to discover my identity and purpose in life. Many of the books I read could be classified as “self-help” books because they approached the subject from a self-centered viewpoint.


All these books are really similar and have the same layout:

  1. Consider your dreams
  2. Clarify your values
  3. Set some goals
  4. Figure out what you’re good at – Aim high
  5. Go for it!

Believe in yourself and you can achieve your goals!!!

Of course, these are all good things to follow and can lead to success. You can usually succeed in reaching a goal if you work hard and put your mind to it. But being successful and fulfilling your life’s purpose are NOT at all the same issue! You could reach ALL of your personal goals, becoming an amazing success by the worlds standard, and still miss the purpose of your life because you never bothered to find out who YOU ARE.

I realized this later in my life that I needed more than what these “self-help” books had to offer.

The Bible says, in Mark 8:35 “self-help is no help at all. Self-sacrifice is the way to finding yourself, your true self,”


What is our true identity? How do we find our true purpose? Does a particular job, image, ethnicity, sexual orientation, temperament, or social status determine identity?

If we define identity as a simple list of personal characteristics, we ignore the issue of why we are here on this earth. There is no infinite purpose attached to a hollow and malleable definition of identity.

If you believe there is more to this life than whatever image we create for ourselves, you can look beyond this finite existence and peer into eternity — into some eternal identity. If you have an infinite existence-an after-life, surely your identity is fastened to something beyond this world and your natural life.

When we focus only on how we appear in this life, we can become enslaved to the superficial and limited pursuits adorned by media, culture and society which have no real lasting or satisfying meaning. Our invented images are poor substitutes for addressing our true needs.

The old adage “You can’t take it with you when you go” is an axiomatic phrase that begs the question “What can you take with you then?” There is only one lasting constant which transcends all boundaries from this finite, natural life to the next life – a relationship with the eternal and infinite God.


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