Reflecting God’s Goodness

In the very beginning of the story, it all started with dirt… God created dirt and formed the earth and then God takes the dirt and forms man out of it. So He’s working with mud and shapes a creature that is made in His own image. God then breathes His Spirit into the man and the man becomes a living creature.


And this creature is called Adam; which means earth (made of the earth).

Adam is not like any of the other creatures; not only is he made in the image of God, he’s been given the authority to rule over every other creature. Adam is also given authority to name all the other creatures, when you have authority to name something that means you have authority over their life. And so Adam begins naming all of these animals, male and female and there had to be a pounding question in his own mind… where is the female for me? Where is my partner? Where is my counterpart? Where is someone for me?

But Adam was incapable of providing someone for himself, he needed someone else to provide that for him. And then Adam is put into a deep sleep and while he is sleeping, God is forming a new creature for him. IT would come out of his side and this creature would be something his eyes had never seen  — she would be bone of his bones and flesh of his flesh and they would be naked and not ashamed.

So now man was no longer alone… he has his woman and both of them are beautifully designed to compliment one another. The two have become one flesh. Adam says, “this is bone of my bone and flesh of my flesh…” and then Adam names her saying “she shall be called woman…”


So here you have the creature that God created in His image and breaking him into two… removing part of him, he becomes two and then the two become one. This oneness is seen most clearly in the birth of the union of the male and female, a child that is half mom and half dad… there is a complete picture of humanity right there.

And then God instructed them to be fruitful, fill the earth and rule over it, subdue all of creation…

Just like God used heaven as a pattern for the Garden of Eden – everything is perfect, everything is provided, everything was very good… Adam and Eve were to use this pattern for the rest of the world to bless the rest of the world, heavenize the world… and make it beautiful.

Adam had one job to tend and keep the garden. In other words to cultivate and to guard, to beautify and to protect… Well, if I said to you “guard this…” “protect what has been entrusted to you…” the obvious question you should be asking yourself is… protect it from what?

And this is the worst part of this story … Adam is in the garden with his wife… the most precious thing in the garden. He named his Wife and he is responsible for her — he is to be protecting her, beautifying her, doing his job to heavenize her… and the serpent enters the garden – this is what Adam should have been watching for… he should have kept watch and ran to him and crushed his head the second that he saw Satan, especially after what he saw what Satan was doing to his wife.

This is the ultimate break down of a mans responsibility… this is the story of a man throwing his wife under the bus and using her as a guinea pig in the human experiment – Adam was told by God “the day you eat of this fruit, you will surely die…” And the serpent says did God really say…? God did not mean you will surely die, He meant that if you eat of this fruit, you will become like Him.

So who is telling the truth here? God or the serpent… and so Adam allows his wife to be deceived by the serpent. He fails to protect her, he fails to guard her and he watches while he stands there with her, the story says, and watches her eat.


And we all know what happens next, Adam and his wife run away filled with guilt, shame, fear… and they’re covering themselves with fig leaves – and God pronounces a curse on the serpent, and on Eve’s child bearing… and then God clothes them in skins of animals. Why does God do that?

Have you ever thought about this? God clothes them in the skins of beasts because they had just listened to a beast. Maybe it was a reminder of their sin… God is saying if you’re going to act like beasts, you’re going to look like beasts. Because people always end up looking like the gods they follow.

What do you look like? Are you reflecting Gods goodness or is something blocking you from emanating your light.


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