It’s Time For Them To Go…

That day when the man and the woman chose to doubt Gods Word, a lot of things happened… Maybe more than they both knew (maybe more than we know).

Genesis 1:27 says when God created us, “He made us in His image…” with the ability to love Him or to reject Him…


God never intended to create us in order to force us to love Him — because He does not interfere with our free will. This is because God desires true LOVE, true devotion and a real relationship with us.

So that day God knew when He allowed the man and woman to chose (and) they failed He had to let them go — and maybe that’s how it had to be?

It’s almost innate for children to leave and their parents to stay behind — but still, some things are deeper, more profound than time and distance.  These matters require a tremendous amount of soul searching and meditation… Because if you really and earnestly seek with all your heart … in the end you’ll realize that your Father will always be your Father and He will always leave a light on for you.



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