Eight Years Of Dedication



Psalm 119:105 says, “Your word is a lamp for my feet, a light on my path.” Richard Epstein took these words to heart and began an 8 year journey that is inspiring many  because of his great dedication to the Word of God.

Q. IF you were to write for 8 years how many letters would you be able to penn down? Richard Epstein has recently finished copying the entire Torah (that’s 304,805 letters) without making a single mistake!  Many are admiring Epstein’s patience, consistency, dedication and love for the Word of God.

Richard Epstein who is a member of the Chabad Shul of Potomac, Maryland, said that he penned the entire Torah by hand using a feather quill on parchment made from sheepskin. It took him 8 whole years from start to finish. However, a professional can usually pen a Torah in about a year without making a single error!

His accomplishment was lauded by his Chabad, which held a Grand Torah Celebration on Sunday to honor Epstein’s work.

One mistake can invalidate the text, making accuracy far more important than speed, according to HaSoferet.com. Mistakes — if noticed — can be corrected, provided the mistake doesn’t involve God’s name, according to Epstein, who starred in a short documentary about his endeavor.

Epstein, who is also an author and professor, told the Washington Post that he feels as if the “Torah wrote me, more than I wrote the Torah — that it really shaped me.”







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